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FIRST we need to find a DATE and TIME that suits you and works for us (weather permitting).Please call Andrew on 0414 542 225 or EMAIL – [email protected] to find the best Date and Time

Once confirmed please use the form below to book your confirmed SUP or FOILING LESSON


FOILING Lessons at Balmoral Beach

FOILING LESSONS behind our boat at Balmoral are run most days at 7:15am to get the best water conditions.


Please call Andrew on 0414 542 225 or EMAIL – [email protected]


SUP Lessons at Balmoral Beach

SUP Lessons can be run most mornings before the wind comes up

PLEASE NOTE: We use hard epoxy boards and carbon paddles – the industry standard. Not inflatable boards or alloy paddles

Payment – cash on the day. Please only book for your confirmed number of participants. You can always add extra paddlers to your group or re-schedule your lesson within 24 hours. We do not give refunds for no shows or cancellation. Group Lessons are run on demand. Please note: mornings (8am-1pm) are generally best for stand Up Paddle Lessons


Beginner board hire at Balmoral Beach from $30/hour. If this is more convenient please call the Balmoral Sailing School on 0431 113 188


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Rules of SUP Lessons, Hire, Demo and Demo days.

  • We do not accept cancellations within 48 hours of your confirmed booking date.
  • No refund for no-shows
  • We supply a buoyancy vest for all lesson
  • You cannot take part in any water sport if you cannot swim 50 meters comfortably. You must advise us if you or any participant is not a strong swimmer
  • You cannot take part in any water sport if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • You must check your equipment and that of anyone in your care, before going into the water
  • You are responsible for all craft and its care on and off the water
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by and adult.
  • You must stay in the designated paddling area. If you are unsure about this area, please ask

Terms and Conditions of of SUP & Foil Lessons, Hire, Demo and Demo days.

The “service” – Stand Up Paddle or SUP hire, lessons or demo (demonstration)

The “service provider” – Herstal Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 29003595917) trading as Balmoral Paddlesurf

The “client” – the person and all children in your care, using the service and equipment supplied by the service provider.

1. You the client are responsible for the due and proper care of the equipment. The person registering (“the client”) for the Stand Up Paddle (“SUP”) Demo or SUP Lesson undertakes to return the equipment supplied to service provider immediately after use.

If the equipment supplied or any part thereof are damaged, lost stolen and/or not returned by the client to the service provider immediately after use, for any reason whatsoever, then the client shall pay the then current retail market value of the equipment or part thereof, as the case may be to service provider forthwith on demand. This includes any damage to the equipment supplied.

The client hereby uses the equipment supplied in their current condition and accepts full responsibility for the due and proper care of the equipment supplied.

2. You the client understand that there are inherent risks involved in water sports and Stand Up Paddle or “SUP” and you freely assume those risks. The client understands that there are inherent and other risks involved in the sport for which this equipment is to be used. Injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence of the sport and the client freely assumes those risks. Accordingly the client hereby assumes and accepts any and all risks of injury or death to the client of the demo/hire equipment to any other person and/or any property in connection with the use of the demo/hire equipment and hereby indemnifies the service provider and agrees to hold it harmless against any and all such claims actual contingent or prospective in connection with such injury or death.

3. You agree to release the service provider, its servants and its agents from any liability, damage and injury to you or any person or property. The client releases the service provider its servants and agents from any and all liability damage and injury to the client or the any person or property resulting from use of the equipment supplied.

In no event whatsoever shall the liability of the service provider exceed the price of goods and/or services supplied by the service provider, its servants and agents to the user.

4. You, the client agrees, if directed, to wear a Buoyancy Vest supplied, at all times and to not paddle, swim or take the equipment supplied outside of the designated paddling area

5. You, the client agrees to speak with and get permission from a service provider staff member before taking the equipment out or on the water.

6. You, the client acknowledges that they can swim 50 meters comfortably and that they will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs prior to going into or on the water on the equipment supplied.

8. No warranties express or implied or representations have been given or made to the client or any person on their behalf in connection with the service provided or the equipment supplied

9. You, the client acknowledge that you may be photographed while participating in the services provided and the images may be used on our website, promotional material and other digital mediums. All photos is used in this way, will be made available to you on request. Please advise us if you do not want images of yourself or others in your care to be used in this way.


I understand and acknowledge that the service provider has no knowledge of my individual skill and experience.

I certify that I have sufficient skill and fitness to learn Standup Paddle Boarding and if at any time I feel I do not, I will notify the instructor.

I certify that I can comfortably swim 100m in the ocean.

I, the client have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound thereby. I understand the warning and voluntarily accept and assume the inherent risks in all water sports, Stand Up Paddle or SUP.

Please click the button below if you agree to the terms and conditions*