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WING FOILING, WING SURFING or just ‘WINGING’ utilises a Foilboard, a Hydrofoil and a hand held inflatable Wing to propel you over the ocean or water way.

There is nothing like the freedom of using the wind to travel at speed over the ocean and to then launch into open swells and waves, release the power of the Wing and then just free-foil using the energy in the ocean.

Because the foil is a fraction of the friction of a planing board in the water, the hydrofoil allows you to get going in marginal wind conditions 8-10 knots, which suits most conditions in Australia.

WING FOILING is a unique combination of FOILING and WIND skills. First you need to learn to FOIL and then apply your Wind Skills from Windsurfing and Kitesurfing or learn these skills separately. This is where we can help.


WING FOILING or WING SURFING is the ultimate combination the efficiency of the Hydrofoil and a hand held Wing. It is the closest you will ever get to flying across the Ocean! WING FOILING brings together some unique skills. We break these down and teach them separately to speed up the learning process.

We teach WING FOILING in three parts:

1. FOILING behind our boat at Balmoral

2. WING HANDLING on a Sup or Windsurfer

3. FIRST FLIGHT – learning to Wing on a Foilboard 


Step 1.  FOILING behind our boat at Balmoral

             Knowing how to foil and maintain flight in bumpy conditions is key to foiling.

              We teach this behind our boat at Balmoral ( 3-4 days a week at 7:15am).

             COST: We need two people. $180pp for your first lesson. This is a 2 hour lesson.                         

Step 2. WING SKILLS – handling on a Sup or Windsurfer at

              Narabeen  Lake.

            Understanding the wind and basic sailing skills required for WING FOILING

            COST: $200 for 1.5 Hours

            We can supply the WING and BOARD.

            We need 10-15 knots from the East, West, N.East or S.East.

            We will recommend the best day and conditions to go out.

Step 3. FIRST FOIL FLIGHT – learning to Wing on a Foilboard

            This is when you combine the WING with the FOIL and start flying.

             Conditions are important for your first lesson

            We need 10-15 knots from the East, West, N.East or S.East.

            $180 for the first hour. $120 for each hour after that.

            Second session  $150 for the first hour. $100 per hour thereafter.

            Email [email protected] or CALL US NOW to organise your lesson – 0414 542 225


Two sessions behind our boat at Balmoral, 1.5 hours Wing handling and 2 hours Learning to Wing on a foil.

Package cost $700.