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Welcome to a whole new sport. SUP Foiling, hydro foiling or Foil Boarding is about to explode. Wether you Surf, SUP, Kite, Windsurf or Wakeboard, Foiling will transport you to a while new universe of fun!

Foil boarding is a drug. It is the closest feeling you will get to flying over the water. It is effortless and silent and feels like you are floating on powder snow. AND – it is easy to do!

NAISH THRUST SURF FOILS – now in stock from $1699. Call 0414 542 225 for details


WHY IS FOIL BOARDING JUST TAKING OFF NOW? Hydro foils have been around for decades. Only recently has the design and technology come together to enable you get going unassisted. Low speed foils can now be paddled into ocean swells or waves.

IS FOIL BOARDING EASY? It can be if you learn the right way. Foiling is counter intuitive. You need to spend time learning to ‘hover’ or ‘fly’ behind a boat before venturing into the ocean on your own.

IS FOIL BOARDING SAFE? Yes, if you break it down and learn to Foil first, before venturing onto the ocean. The best way to learn to fly or ‘hover’ on a foil board is to learn and practice behind a boat. You need to train your body to ‘ hold the hover’. A helmet and an impact vest are standard safety equipment for learning. There are plenty of horror stories of people getting injured by not learning the basics before heading out into the waves.



We teach Foil Boarding at Balmoral Beach. We have boats, boards and Foils specifically designed for learning and progressing. Get your flying skills honed behind a boat before you enter the ocean and save hours of frustration.

As one legend of the sport, Dave Kalama so eloquently puts it: “Foil surfing is like learning to surf a Uni Cycle. You are trying to learn to surf and fly the foil at the same time. Getting behind a boat break it down and allows you to learn to fly first. Besides being safer, it will catapult your learning experience.”

1.5 hour Foil Boarding Lesson $180. Bring a mate – $150 each.

3-UP. $450. Three people/2 hours.

We teach from 7am weekdays. 6.30am Weekends. We supply everything including safety gear. Email or call Andrew Allen to book your lesson – 0414 542 225


In many cases the answer is, ‘yes’.  It all boils downs on your size and skill and where you will be doing it. For Wake Foiling 4-6′ will do the job. For SUP Foiling a short, stable board 7′-8’6 works best. Once you are up and foiling you will want the smallest board possible. We can help you choose the right Foilboard and help you convert it.

FOIL MOUNT – The quickest and cheapest way to convert a board is with a FOIL MOUNT plate. It does not suit every board however as it is only as strong as the bottom laminate and can delaminate. FOIL MOUNT – Ridge Mount $280. Call us to discuss your options – 0414 542 225

FOIL MOUNT conversions. getting the Foil fitting retro fitted to your board is the best option. The cost ranges from $400 – $450 depending on your board and how quickly you want it done.

For advice on FOIL MOUNT and Foil mount systems-call Andrew Allen 0414 542 225


We have boards that are already converted for foiling available:

Naish 7’10 x 31” Raptor V116 with Track mods. Used         $1,800
Naish 7’10 x 31” Raptor V116 with Track Mods.Un-used   $2,399
Naish 7’10” X32 GT with Track mods in-used  
Naish 7’10” X32 GT with Foil Mount used                                 $2,199
Naish 8’3” X32 GT with Track mod. Unused.  
Naish 5’6” Raptor Soft Top with Foil Mount. Used  
Naish 10’4 Malolo board and Foil Complete.                             $2,500
SUNOVA 8’3 126L SHROOM with twin track mount mod.  Used. Good condition.   $1999   
SUNOVA 7’3 86L   SHROOM with TUTTLE mount, Used. Excellent condition                 $1999   
SUNOVA 7’6 95LL   SHROOM with twin track mount mod.  New $2399   
SUNOVA 8’7 120L Flow with full carbon track mount. Used. Excellent condition    $2200   


WHICH FOIL SHOULD I BUY? It all boils down to what you want to do with it. Companies like NAISH, SLINGSHOT and GO FOIL have spent years developing their foil programs. We have a complete range of FOILS in stock. Due to the vary needs and speeds there are dedicated foils for SURFING (SUP or Prone), TOWING (Wake) or WIND ( Kite and Windsurf).

WHICH FOILBOARD SHOULD I BUY? Once you can Foil you will have an idea of which way you want to go-

  • SUP Foiling
  • PRONE Surfing – no paddle
  • DOWN WIND Foiling
  • WAKE Foiling – behind a boat
  • WIND Foiling (on a Windsurfer)
  • KITE Foiling

This will determine the type of board you need. Talk to us about your needs and whether you already have a board that can be converted. SLINGSHOT, NAISH and SUNOVA all have a dedicated range of Foil boards.

SUNOVA SUP – Surf /SUP FOIL boards

XXX Balsa Foilboards
7′ x25 x 3 7/8 76L $2,099
7’4 x 27 1/16 x 4 1/4 97L $2,099
7’8 x 29 5/16 x 4 1/2 117L $2,099
8′ x 32 x 5 136L $2,099
ECOTECH Foilboards
7’4 x 29″ 110L $1,799
7’8 x 30″ 125L $1,799
8′ x 32″ 145L $1,799



IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFO – call Andrew Allen 0414 542 225