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This is a UNIQUE gift you can give the water, surf, wind and adventure enthusiast.

Whether they want to ride waves or use the wind, foiling is very different to any other board sport. However, once mastered it is effortless. Any experienced foiler will tell you that it is important to get your foiling skills bedded down before you head out on your own.

At the Balmoral Foilboarding School we guarantee to get you up and flying safely.

Decide whether you want a Voucher for one $180 or two – $350. Transfer the funds to us and we will send you a Hi-Res PDF to print out.
Don’t forget to let us know who to make the voucher To: and From:

We accept EFT payment.
*EFT: Wetspac – Balmoral SUP School   BSB: 032097  Acc: 470346
Please email your payment receipt.
We will send you a Hi-res PDF Gift Voucher to print out.

KEY Info:
We need two foilers to run a lesson. You and an observer take turns. We can find a second person if you need them.
We mainly teach early mornings from Balmoral Beach to get the best conditions.
We teach weekends and some weekdays. Let us know of you can do weekdays.
We generally only teach early mornings (7:15am) to get the best water conditions for learning.
If you surf or can ride a bike you can foil. We can get you flying standing or on your knee’s* if balance is an issue.
Cost is $180 per session per person or $350 for two people as a Gift Voucher.
*If you find standing on a board an issue, foiling on your knees is the ultimate ‘Magic Carpet Ride’…. and it is easy!



A unique and FUN gift to give absolutely anyone

Balmoral Paddlesurf SUP SCHOOL VOUCHERS are the most unique and easiest gift to give. To request your voucher – Click here


We offer GIFT Certificates for either private lessons or our new Fast track program.

Decide which voucher you would like from the information below and forward the funds to our account.

Balmoral SUP School
Westpac Bank  BSB732027   Acc516393 

On advice we will send you a hi-res PDF voucher that you can print out. Please advise us of the name of the person who will use the voucher. When they make contact we will send them the link to register at a date and time that suits them. The voucher is valid for 12 months.  We have been running our School at beautiful Balmoral Beach for over 20 years. It is the perfect location for Stand Up Paddle with our own protected corner with shallow sandy waters.

Private Lessons – $90          
2 person private $70 each    
3 person private group $60 each
One hour, one-on-one for the best possible outcome!
Your private lesson includes-
  • 1 hour private lesson
  • Everything you need for your lesson is supplied
  • Available from Balmoral Beach and can be taken any time that is convenient for you and the instructor.