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E-foiling is when you use a motor to propel you through the water as opposed to waves or wind.

Traditional E-foils are expensive, starting at A$15,000-$20,000 and weighing around 30-40kg.

If you want to end up Surf foiling or Wing foiling this can be an under whelming experience due to the sheer weight of the traditional E-foil

We teach using a FOILDRIVE. This is an attachment to normal Foilboard and ends up being less than half the weight of a traditional E-foil.

You can use a FOILDRIVE to catch waves or E-Foil.

We teach can teach you how to foil on a FOILDRIVE either as an e-foil or catching waves.

The cost is $180 for 45-60 minutes e-foiling

or $250 for 1 hour one on one learning how to catch waves.

We teach from 7-7.30am weekdays and weekends. We supply everything including safety gear. Email or call Andrew Allen to book your lesson – 0414 542 225

FOIL DRIVE  Lesson Gift Vouchers are avauilable

Please email [email protected] for details.

Or call Andrew  on 0414 542 225