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Naish SUP, AIR Series

TOURING on a stand up paddle board

Think of a Stand Up Paddleboard as a Mountain bike for the water.

Even better, it doesn’t hurt when you fall off!

“The full breadth of versatility of the Stand Up Paddleboard is still being realised.”

Imagine the sport of cycling starting off in Down Hill racing. After a whilst devotees realise that there are just so many other ways to enjoy the sport.

With Stand Up Paddle there is surfing, racing, down-winders, cross training, yoga, family outings to adventures exploring any rivers, lake, estuary or coastline.

There is nothing like exploring your favourite patch of water on a SUP.

Touring and racing boards are more specialised than all-round Stand Up Paddleboards. We specialise in both. Read more about the different types of boards here or give us a call.

JP Sup touriong

The possibilities are endless on a SUP. Even whitewater SUP is taking off!

Crazy SUP waterfall drop