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Welcome to a whole new sport. SUP Foiling, hydro foiling or Foil Boarding is about to explode. Every major company is producing board and foils.

Foil boarding is a drug. It is the closest feeling you will get to flying over the water. It is effortless and silent and feels like you are floating on powder snow. It is easy to do – all you need is a small boat and a 10hp motor to get going.

NAISH THRUST SURF FOILS – now in stock.  Call 0414 542 225 for details


WHY IS HYDRO FOILING JUST TAKING OFF NOW? Hydro foils have been around for decades. Only recently has the design and technology come together to enable you get going with just a paddle. Low speed foils can now be paddled into ocean swells or waves.

IS IT EASY? It can be if you learn the right way. Foiling is counter intuitive. You need to spend time learning to ‘hover’ behind a boat before venturing into the ocean on your own.

IS FOIL BOARDING SAFE? Yes, but only if you are taught correctly on the right gear in the right conditions. A helmet and an impact vest are standard safety equipment for learning. The best way for ‘hovering on a foil’ to become second nature is to learn and practice behind a boat. You need to train your body to ‘foil’. There are plenty of horror stories of people getting injured by not learning the basics before heading out into the waves.


WHERE CAN I LEARN? We have boards, foil and boats specifically set up for learning to Foilboard at our SUP FOIL School at Balmoral Beach.

CAN I CONVERT AN OLD BOARD OR FOILING? In some cases, yes. It all depends on what you want to do with it. Behind a boat a board up to 4-6′ will do the job. For SUP Foiling a short, stable board 7-8′ works best. Once you are up and foiling you will want the smallest board possible. You will need a FOIL MOUNT plate to connect your foil to your old board. Call us to discuss your options – 0414 542 225


WHICH FOIL SHOULD I BUY? It all boils down to what you want to do with it. Companies like NAISH, SLINGSHOT and GO FOIL have spent years developing their foil programs. We will have a complete range of FOILS in stock from Spring 2017. Due to the vary needs and speeds there are dedicated foils for SURFING (SUP or Prone), TOWING (Wake) or WIND ( Kite and Windsurf).


WHICH FOIL BOARD SHOULD I BUY? Once you can Foil you will have an idea of which way you want to go-

  • SUP Foiling
  • PRONE Surfing – no paddle
  • DOWN WIND Foiling
  • WAKE Foiling – behind a boat
  • WIND Foiling (on a Windsurfer)
  • KITE Foiling

This will determine the type of board you need. Talk to us about your needs and whether you already have a board that can be converted. SLINGSHOT, NAISH and SUNOVA all have a dedicated range of Foil boards.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFO – call Andrew Allen 0414 542 225